I trade Mtg Cards, Sets and Art For Mtg Art ;-)

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I trade Mtg Cards, Sets and Art For Mtg Art ;-)

Post by jesykons » Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:10 pm

Hi all.

I would like to trade some of my Mtg stuff for Mtg Original Art.

I am interested in any pictures from any artist, if you have something we can talk about. I will never overpriced my stuff, I spect the same on you.

I have some sealed stuff, sets, and legacy/Vintage staples and also some original artworks for trade, just check.

Sealed stuff:
- 5x 4th edition Korean Black Border (5 pictures)
- JP, T-CHI, S-CHI, english P3k Boosters.
- 1x Portal 1 Booster sealed chinese
- 5x Urza's Destiny chinese Booster
- 5x 7th edition SChinese Booster
- 5x Alliances Booster Portuguese
- 1x korean tempest starter
- 1x FWB 4th edition Spanish Starter
- 1x FBB 4th edition Spanish Starter
- Regular Booster Boxes.
- More than 350 Diferent Boosters, ask for list.
(also have, but depends on the art: Legends, antiquities, arabian, korean saga)

1x Legends Set, more than 200 cards signed.Some Nm- the rest NM/Mint
1x Arabian Night set.Ex/Nm Most nm
1x Revised Set. Ex/Nm
1x Collectors Edition Set Nm/Mint, box Ex.

Spanish Sets:
NM (All Out of booster condition 99% maybe 1-5 cards NM-):
1x Urzas legacy - Legado de urza - NM/MINT Spanish
1x U. destiny - Destino de urza. - NM/MINT Spanish
1x U. Saga NM/MINT - Saga de Urza. - NM/MINT Spanish
1x Weatherlight - Vientolijero. - NM/MINT Spanish
1x Mirage - Espejismo - NM/MINT Spanish
2x Visions - Visiones - NM/MINT Spanish
1x Tempest - Tempestad - NM/MINT Spanish
1x Stronghold- Fortaleza - NM/MINT Spanish
1x 4th edition spanish black border Ex/NM

- Renaissance - Italian - Renacimiento - Italiano Ex+/NM.
- Legende italian Full set NM/Mint More than 70 cards Signed.

Also have this rarities/Misprints:
Wivern Backed
1x Vodalian Mage (Version 3).
2x Serra Angel FBB spanish Misprint 1xfine / 1xEx
1x Serra Angel FBB spanish Misprint Vfine/Ex- Hard Miscut!!!

Some cards:
1x Beta Mox Jet Bended 3 ways not too deep, otherwise Ex(ask for pics)
4x Birds of Paradise BETA Signed Poole Silver Nm-/Nm
4x Polluted Delta FOIL 3 Nm/Mint 1 NM- Signed
4x Winter Mishras factory +-Ex
4x Hypnotic Specter Beta Fine to Ex (2xsigned)

Xx P3K Sigles

1x Anhk of mishra Alpha Ex Signed
1x Beta Time Vault Ex-
1x Beta Mana vault Ex+ Signed
1x Fast Bond Alpha Signed Ex+
1x Mind Twist beta. Good/Poor
4x Force of will Nm
1x Beta Shivan dragon Played
2x Ancestral Vision foil japanese
3x Vampiric JR
1x Mana Crypt Black Border
3x Sword of fire/ice JR

A binder with about 200 dragons(Regular, signed, proofs and foil ).

- Sketches from some artists,
dan frazier custom playmat, signed cards,
artist proofs.

- Neo geo Aes games (usa and Jp). :-D

I also have this original artworks for trade:
Carl Chritchlow:
Wall of Wonder - 7th Edition

Alexander Gregory:
Despondency - (Urza's Saga)

Coling Macneil:
Stalking Tiger - Portal

Tony Szczudlo:
Forgotten Cave - Tony Szczudlo (Onslaught)
Aphetto Vulture - Tony Szczudlo (Onslaught)

Randy Gallegos:
Maw of the Obzedat - Dragon's Maze

Thomas baxa:
Dwarven Scorcher - Judgment

Alex horley:
Stomping Slabs (Morningtide)

Mark Brill:
Sanctimony - Urza's Destiny

Jim Nelson:
Thunder of Hooves

My ebay/mkm account with all positive-feedback for reffs but I have no problem to send first if you have good reffs.

I only ship registered and I'll ship overseas.

If you are interested just priv-msg me.

Thanks to all.

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