HELP Looking for some Hoover signed cards.

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HELP Looking for some Hoover signed cards.

Post by jesykons » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:05 pm

Hi All.

I am near to finish my english legends signed set, and also the italian one.
I let the hardest things to the end ;-).

I am looking for this legends cards signed in english or italian(one of each idiom):
1x Aisling Leprechaun (english and italian)
1x Amrou Kithkin (english and italian)
1x Brine Hag (english and italian)
1x Elder Land Wurm - (english and italian)
1x Emerald Dragonfly - (english and italian)
1x Headless Horseman - (english and italian)
1x Lesser Werewolf - (english and italian)
1x Pixie Queen - (english and italian)
1x Pradesh Gypsies - (english and italian)
1x Tundra Wolves (just italian)

I would prefer them in nm condition, but I also accept other grades.

I have some stuf for trading:
- Signed cards and proofs.
- Doug chaffee signed proofs
- Some hoover signed cards (revised vesuvan doppelganger signed, unlimited vesuvan doppelganger signed ...).

I Also have some sealed stuff and some playable cards.
Just let me know what are you looking for.

I am also willing to buy them, just make an offer.

Best regards.

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