Want to buy: Beta BGS Set finish/upgrades

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Want to buy: Beta BGS Set finish/upgrades

Post by shelf_life_rare » Fri May 06, 2016 5:39 pm

I only need 5 graded cards to complete my Beta set.

I am looking for BGS, but if you have PSA 9/10 or incredibly minty raw cards from this list, I may be interested.

Beta BGS 9 or better
-Keldon Warlord
-Stone Giant

I'd like to upgrade these to Quad 9 or better:
-Black Ward.
-Celestial Prism.
-COP Green.
-Crystal Rod.
-Green Ward.
-Living Wall.
-Magical Hack.
-Scavenging Ghoul.
-Wall of Fire.
-Wall of Water.

Looking to upgrade these cards to 9.5 or better
-Animate Artifact.
-Aspect of Wolf.
-Birds of Paradise.
-Black Vise.
-Granite Gargoyle
-Island (pink island v3)
-Natural Selection.
-Personal Incarnation.
-Phantasmal Forces.
-Sedge Troll.
-Wheel of Fortune.

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