[?] Fake card or real misprint ?

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[?] Fake card or real misprint ?

Post by yvel » Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:57 am

Fake card or real misprint ?

I looked closely my prerelease card, and some of them are loosing the “goldâ€￾ stamp. :-(

That’s strange. :-/ I toke a commons one and I tried carefully to pull off the “prerelease gold stampâ€￾ … Result, I’ve got a brand new “Ryusei, the Falling Star » foil prerelease without date.

I’m interested, and I’m looking for misprint DCI … but with the two new misprint of “Lotus Bloomâ€￾ and “Chaos is Oros, The Avengerâ€￾ without date (sold at 45$ and 35$) … My first question is are they real misprint or just fake ? :-\
How to see the differences between a misprint without date and a home made one.

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Post by Ralph Herold » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:04 pm

There are two kinds of prerelease cards without date. One kind, like yours, does not show the date but still shows signs of the stamp. As you state now, it can be forged. I still assume that there are quite a few legitimate copies around which are simply misprinted. The other kind does not only miss the ink but has not been stamped at all. These cards can not be forged.

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