Inquiry about Ebay Seller of Altered Art

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Post by PolarBearGod » Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:46 am

yawg07 wrote:What the HELL does Photoshop/graphics software have to do with ANY of this?
I can't understand where you try to go with that! These cards are NOT changed into other cards/misrepresented/forged/faked.
They are simply PHYSICALLY drawn on. Drawn on in a way to bring a special allure to your deck, something to wow people.

If anything, with T.Nielsen's page, you just argued against yourself. Basically it is stating that it is okay to alter cards.
And since I don't know any of the artists, I would not ever know or really have to be worried about "offending" them.

Wow I honestly feel enraged! I am in disbelief that someone can argue a topic but COMPLETELY ignore anyone else.
Yeah, you pretty much said what I was feeling.


You are to understand that is open door to for whole of set that is the Morningtide be to made easy so with altered.

I can barely understand what it is he's typing. Sheesh.

Just because the tools are out there to make fake know what. The whole fake whatever thing isn't even an issue. There's NOTHING fake here. Yawg and others bought their cards, traded for them, or opened them in packs, just like everyone else. If they want to draw on them, then they can and it's not hurting anyone, except for maybe themslves if they decide to part with the cards and did a poor enough job to where they couldn't replace the costs put into the creation.

The program you link to is nowhere near as good as photoshop. In case you didn't know, WotC is quite aware of online sites like that one and programs like MtG Editor.

Maybe you don't understand this but these alterations are done with acrylic paint markers, pens, and such over the art. Nobody is creating fake cards. No artists are losing money over this. Nothing about it is illegal. No laws are being broken. Every aspect of this is good. It allows people to showcase their creativity and if it's good enough, be reimbursed for their work and make a small profit.

People do custom artwork over other work all the time. Skateboards, PC's, and such.

You sir, are off your proverbial rocker.

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Post by magic-belgium » Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:13 am

A friend of mine was mentioning that Car Tuning should be prohibited then ? Since the car may be resold afterwards ?

This is the best example to take into consideration. Altered art for a car. As long as the car still meets some technical specifications, it can be used as a normal car.

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