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The Garfield Cube!

Post by TheGarfieldCube » Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:55 pm

Alright this is my first post ever in this forum, after lurking it for nearly a decade...
So let's make it worth the read!!!

I'm a former vintage/commander player, who evolved into a Cube lover, finally converted to an Old School addict (and boy does it feel good).
I started collecting Korean cards for my Vintage decks (Shops ftw \:D/ ) back in the early 2000's and then quickly developed a voracious appetite for signed cardboard - especially when dedicated by The Creator.

So here I am, last year I decided to create a blog about the ultimate summit of my collection...

building an OS Cube 100% signed by Richard Garfield:

Why am I posting this here?
For a couple different reasons.

First of all, it is definitely some sweet sweet eye candy to stare at these gems every now and then, and I assume plenty of users here will also appreciate scrolling through my online collection.

Second, I am constantly looking into expanding my Cube (and my collection) and I think this may be a good place to connect with anyone who has any piece that I could possibly be interested in.

Third, I assume that every single piece of cardboard holds an authentic signature by The Creator, so maybe this "living museum" can be used as a resource for anyone who would like to compare their Garfield signatures with mine (on the other hand, it could also be the perfect occasion for anybody to warn me about a possible fake they would be aware of, that they noticed on my blog...).

Long story short, I hope you'll appreciate viewing my collection as much as I do enjoy expanding it while actually playing most of these beauties.
And if you have any Garfield signed card you would consider selling/trading with me, please let me know!

My personal project: building an Old School Cube 100% signed by The Creator!

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Re: The Garfield Cube!

Post by dragsamou » Sat Jul 20, 2019 5:06 am

Hi and welcome

This is indeed a very nice Richard Garfield signed collection. Good luck with your quest.
Want/Have Lists.
I Love you Dad.R.I.P.

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