Lorwyn prerelease?

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Lorwyn prerelease?

Post by fvzappa » Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:52 pm

So who is going? And where?

I just thought that since in the past I have met several of you, & enjoyed doing so, we could post here where we will be showing up.

I plan on going to the Columbus, Ohio prerelease.

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Post by dry cereal » Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:56 am

I'll be going to the Saturday New Jersey one.

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Post by ANALOG_KID » Thu Sep 27, 2007 4:09 am

Los Angeles.

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Post by phiswiz » Thu Sep 27, 2007 4:47 am

I wil be the HJ for Sun in Roanoke, VA.

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Post by Grapes17 » Thu Sep 27, 2007 5:41 am

Saturday, Indianapolis Indian.

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Post by Dilligaf » Thu Sep 27, 2007 6:30 am

Arlington (North Texas). Ours is being held at a local gaming con (G-Kon) and I have a booth to run, so no playing/judging for me :(
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Post by Mr.Wayne » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:21 am

We'll be set up at the North Carolina pre-release. Although I will not personally make the trip, Shaun and his girlfriend will be there.....so just look for the table with one of the 3 or so girls at the event behind it :)


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Post by Gary_a_Getty » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:29 am

Sunday, Rome ..... Italy !!

Maybe someone of you came here for this weekend ????!!?? :-D

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