Worlds largest Global Collection of different versions of one card is now for sale / trade

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Worlds largest Global Collection of different versions of one card is now for sale / trade

Post by casperjjj » Fri May 05, 2017 8:57 am

World's largest Global Collection of just one card is now for sale (... and I'll ship Worldwide)

Anyone with a hang for green affinity or love for the basic land art for the ‘Forest’ might be interested in this offer below. It’s is a very unique collection, which I’ll go forward saying you won’t find anywhere else: It's the worlds biggest Global Collection of variations of one card.

First off: Apologies for the long post (a huge collection apparently needs a huge post).

If this is not a collection you’d be interested in, then please do share my post in your community, with your fellow MTG friends and in other FB Groups or other forums. I’d be very appreciative about that - thanks a lot in advance!

I’m selling / trading my Global collection of the regular MTG Basic Land: ‘Forest’.

All in all, it’s a huge collection. HUGE!
The collection consists of 3.109 different Forests, going from Alpha through the latest Planechase Anthology, spreading over all languages, versions and foil / non-foils. It is not complete, but when thinking of the size of the collection, this is a gigantic milestone when wanting to gather all the basic Forests and capturing a comprehensive piece of MTG history.

All details (exhausting list of all available, collected and missing cards) on this Collection can be found in the corresponding spreadsheet here: ... 1691084875

Though, as it goes, I’ve found myself not having the same focus and commitment towards completing this collection anymore. This is why I’m thinking about letting it go to a fellow collector somewhere, who hopefully has the motivation to power through when starting with this gigantic baseline in attempt to complete something, I honestly don’t think anyone else in the MTG community has ever done. Gathering every single version of a basic land ever printed; with me being a real MTG enthusiasts and completionist, it still gives me some chills thinking of this. It would be a huge accomplishment.

Total specs on the collection:
Current status: 81,6 % complete.
Total amount: 3.109 different Forests collected of a total available of 3.810.
Non-foils: 2.142 collected of a total available of 2.423 (88% complete).
Foils: 967 collected of a total available of 1.387 (70% complete).

Highlighted items
The are numerous Forests in this collection that are difficult to obtain. First off, the sheer quantity of different Forests across all languages should be appreciated. Secondly, I’ll highlight the extensive amount of Asian Forests already in the collection. Thirdly, there’s not too many of the old-framed Forests (before 8th Edition and Mirrodin) missing in the collection.
I’ll also mention the amount of Foil Forests closing in on 1.000 different ones.
Also, the Salvat Forests are strong in numbers. And of course all DCI, APAC, Euro, Unhinged, Alphas, Betas, Unlimited, 3rd Edt. FBB, 3rd Edt. FWB, 4th Edt. FBB, 24 of 35 7th Edt. Foils, 11 of 15 MPS’s, 35 of 55 BfZ Foils and so on and so on. The list of interesting Forests is very, very long in my oppinion. In respect of the collection all should be seen as a whole, not individual ones. There are also many editions that are complete or very near complete.
All info is in the spreadsheet which I’ve linked to previously.

Individual (non-foil) language specs on the collection:
Non-foils for each language: English (97% complete, 396 of 407 collected), French (89%, 235 of 264), German (99%, 226 of 228), Italian (94%, 280 of 299), Portuguese (67%, 162 of 188), Spanish (93%, 226 of 243), Japanese (95%, 236 of 249), T-Chinese (55%, 120 of 217), S-Chinese (56%, 179 of 311), Korean (96%, 67 of 70), Russian (81%, 94 of 116)

Individual (foil) language specs on the collection:
Foils for each language: English (97% complete, 143 of 148 collected), French (90%, 126 of 140), German (68%, 95 of 140), Italian (86%, 121 of 140), Portuguese (55%, 77 of 140), Spanish (76%, 107 of 140), Japanese (57%, 86 of 150), T-Chinese (56%, 51 of 91), S-Chinese (63%, 86 of 136), Korean (55%, 30 of 55), Russian (42%, 45 of 107)

Total (foil and non-foil) language specs on the collection:
Total for each language: English (97% complete, 539 of 555 collected), French (90%, 379 of 422), German (87%, 321 of 368), Italian (91%, 401 of 439), Portuguese (73%, 239 of 328), Spanish (88%, 373 of 423), Japanese (81%, 322 of 399), T-Chinese (55%, 120 of 217), S-Chinese (58%, 179 of 311), Korean (78%, 97 of 125), Russian (62%, 139 of 223).

Additional info:
- All cards are double sleeved (Perfect Fit Sleeve and a see-through Ultra Pro-sleeve)
- All cards are perfectly stored in Ultra Pro-binders in their respective chronological order (with unfilled pockets for the missing cards)
- The Collection is stored in 11 Black Ultra Pro-binder, all in great condition
- If desired, binders and all sleeves will be added to the sale of this collection (prefered due to size and chronological order, which is of importance)
- If desired, I’ll entrust the Google Spreadsheet to the new owner (which is very comprehensive and detailed and includes ALL available cards for the colleciton)
- There are self-made filler / intro cards for each starting print in the binder (i.e. ‘Limited Edition Alpha’, ‘Zendikar’ and so on)

Card condition
The vast majority of all the cards is NM; I’ve purchased many of the cards through local vendors across the Globe as NM. Some are EX+. Very few are in lesser condition.
Additional pictures of desired cards can be send if requested. Just PM me.

Offers, packaging and shipping:
- This collection is still very dear to me, so I’ll only let it go for an offer which matches the ‘comprehensiveness’ which I think is suitable. With that being said, I’m also hoping for a person to take on the torch as in wanting to work to make this complete. So, If that’s you, then lets get in contact and discuss an offer.
- I of course guarantee an excellent packaging, which will safely store all items to be shipped. If you have special demands for packaging and shipping you just say the word, and I’ll follow your lead.
- Shipping should be tracked. The price for sending this package depends on the country for where it’s going to go (the Postal Service in Denmark provides a calculator for this according to weight and destination). More info on this If you contact me with interest for the collection. I'm unfortunately not able to tell shipping costs without knowing buyers destination. Also the weight might vary due to shipping wants and whether binder and sleeves are sent with the cards (if desired).
- In Denmark I'll use our service called PostNord for shipping. It'll probably be around 120 dollars give or take, and we'll sort this out in the end - like all MTG fellow collectors would :-)

Please do contact me with questions or if you want to see pictures / pictures of specific cards or anything else related to this collection.

All the best,
Casper (Denmark)
I'm always on the lookout for cards for my Global Library of Leng Playset Collection:

Any help getting my wants is greatly appreciated!

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