Japanese lands and reprints and stuff. Now with Vth Chinese

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Japanese lands and reprints and stuff. Now with Vth Chinese

Post by Volcanon » Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:51 am

Teh Coldsnap reprints:
All cards NM if not otherwise listed. I'm not going to say mint/nm+ or whatever to avoid getting hozed by people who think a card exposed to air isn't 'mint'.

3x Arcum's Weathervane
2x Ashen Ghoul
10+ Aurochs
10+ Balduvian Dead
10+ Barbed Sextant
10+ Binding Grasp
2x Bounty of the Hunt
4x Brainstorm
5x Browse
10+ Casting of Bones
5x Dark Banishing
1x Dark Ritual
10+ Deadly Insect
7x Death Spark
1x Disenchant
10+ Drift of the Dead
10+ Essence Flare
5x Forest (#381)
5x Forest (#382)
5x Forest (#383)
10+ Gangrenous Zombies
10+ Giant Trap Door Spider
2x Gorilla Shaman
6x Iceberg
4x Incinerate
10+ Insidious Bookworms
10+ Island (#372)
10+ Island (#374)
10+ Island (#373)
10+ Kjeldoran Dead
10+ Kjeldoran Elite Guard
6x Kjeldoran Home Guard
10+ Kjeldoran Pride
10+ Lat-Nam's Legacy
10+ Legions of Lim-Dul
10+ Mistfolk
10+ Mountain (#380)
10+ Mountain (#378)
10+ Mountain (#379)
10+ Orcish Healer
4x Orcish Lumberjack
5x Phantasmal Fiend
10+ Plains (#371)
10+ Plains (#369)
10+ Plains (#370)
4x Portent
10+ Reinforcements
5x Scars of the Veteran
10+ Skull Catapult
10+ Snow Devil
3x Soul Burn
1x Storm Elemental
10+ Swamp (#377)
10+ Swamp (#376)
10+ Swamp (#375)
1x Swords to Plowshares
4x Tinder Wall
10+ Viscerid Drone
2x Whalebone Glider
10+ Wings of Aesthir
10+ Woolly Mammoths
10+ Zuran Spellcaster

Japanese 4th wb
2x Swamp

Japanese 4th bb (mostly nm/nm-. some ex+. not separating)

7x plains
10x island
10x forest
10x mountain

Chinese 4th bb

1x Mountain (blue mountain)

Japanese Mirage

2x plains (1 ox, 1 zebra)
3x mountain (1 purple mountain, 2 red plateau)
5x forest (one of each art, extra jungle)
5x island (one of each art, extra white mountain

Korean Visions

Xx Probably all commons, most uncommons, and a few rares. If you're building a set LMK what you need.

Simplified Chinese "Vth" 5th Ed. I forgot which ones were alt. art, you can find that on this very website.

1x Alabaster Potion
1x Aysen Bureaucrats
1x Cop Black
1x Cop Blue
2x Cop Green
1x Cop Red
1x Cop White
1x Death Speakers
2x Death Ward
3x Disenchant
3x Divine Offering
1x Healing Salve
3x Hipparon
1x Holy Strength
1x Icatian Scout (the gives first strike guy)
1x Mesa Falcon
3x Pearled Unicorn
3x Repentant Blacksmith
1x Samite Healer
1x Serra Bestiary
2x Shield Wall
1x Tundra Wolves

1x Boomerang
2x Counterspell
2x Dan Dan
2x Dark Maze
1x Flight
3x Flood
1x Gaseous Form
1x Krovikan Sorcerer
2x Labyrinth Minotaur
1x Memory Lapse
3x Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
1x Prodigal Sorcerer
2x Psychic Venom
2x Ray of Command
2x Reef Pirates
2x Remove Soul
1x Sea Serpent
1x Seasinger
3x Spell Blast
1x Unsummon
1x Vodalian Soldiers
1x Wind Spirit
1x Zephyr Falcon

1x Bog Imp
3x Bog Rats
2x Dark Ritual
3x Drain Life
1x Erg Raiders
2x Fear
2x Funeral March
2x Frozen Shade
2x Howl from Beyond
1x Mindstab Thrull (Alt. Art)
3x Murk Dwellers
3x Necrite?? (Weird watercolor art"
3x Paralyze
1x Pestilence
2x Plague Rats
2x Raise Dead
2x Terror
2x Unholy Strength
1x Vampiric Bat
1x Weakness

3x Ambush Party
2x Bird Maiden
2x Brassclaw Orcs
2x Brothers of Fire
1x Dwarven Warriors
1x Errantry
1x Fireball
3x Firebreathing
2x Giant Strength
2x Goblin Digging Team
2x Goblin Hero
3x Hill Giant
1x Hurloon Minotaur
1x Keldon Champion
1x Mountain Goat
1x Mon's Goblin Raiders
1x Orcish Conscripts
2x Orcish Farmer
1x Sabretooth Tiger
2x Shatter
3x Stone Rain
1x Wall of Fire

3x Cat Warriors
1x Chub Toad
3x Craw Wurm
2x Durkwood Boars
1x Fog
2x Ghazban Ogre
2x Giant Growth
2x Giant Spiders
1x Grizzly Bears
1x Ironroot Treefolk
1x Ley Druid
1x Lure
2x Nature's Lore
2x Pradesh Gypsies
1x Scaled Wurm
1x Scavenger Folk
2x Shanodin Dryads
3x Shrink
2x Stream of Life
2x Tranquility
1x Whirling Dervish
2x Wild Growth

1x Fellwar Stone
1x Wall of Spears

1x Urza's Mine
2x Urza's Power Plant
2x Urza's Tower

At least 1x of each basic land except one of the swamps.

Japanese Tempest

3x island (flat rock)

English Revised

Underground River EX
Underground River VG+
Scrubland VG+
Scrubland VG
Badlands EX+/NM-
Tundra EX/EX+
Bayou EX
Volcanic Island VG
Volcanic Island EX
Plateau NM

Japanese Life Counter / Token Packs (Sealed)

5x Lorwyn
2x Shadowmoor
5x Time Spiral

MPS Promos:
I have ALL of Ravnica, including sets
ALL of Time Spiral
Most of Lorwyn
None of Shards

More later.

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Post by effai » Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:53 pm

I know it's late but do you still have these cards for trade/sell ?

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Post by Annorax » Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:53 pm

Do you have a want list?

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Post by Volcanon » Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:43 am

Wow, you bumped not my last sale list but one from a full year ago.

Effai: Yes. Most.
Annorax: No. Do you have a haves list?

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