LOT for Sale: Mainly ALPHA/BETA Rares plus other random crap

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LOT for Sale: Mainly ALPHA/BETA Rares plus other random crap

Post by wizard1 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:18 am

Its been awhile since I've really posted here but I was cleaning and found the lot awhile ago. Finally found the time to post it up for you guys.

Looking for $300 for the cards below, Paypal Gift or add 4%.

(Shipping with Tracking is a must. However to avoid Paypal's Required Signature Receipt restriction [which makes shipping absurdly expensive], it would be better to split the payment into two packages so I can just ship with tracking and insurance)

If interested : Please contact me for detailed pics

ALPHA Verduran Enchantress EX
ALPHA Two-Headed Giant of Foriys EX+
ALPHA Hurricane NM
ALPHA Manabarbs NM
ALPHA Rock Hydra VG+
ALPHA Sengir Vampire NM+

BETA Signed Thoughtlace EX
BETA Drain Power NM

Blacker lotus Mint
Titania's Song Antiquities
Rasputin Dreamweaver Legends Mint
Portal 2 Armageddon NM
Italian Sylvan Library Mint
Arabian Ydwen Efreet VG-EX

I need these gone by Wednesday the latest. PM me if interested. Thanks all.

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