$: My last german foils

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$: My last german foils

Post by GraueEminenz » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:38 pm

1. NM if not stated otherwise
2. I can offer paypal.
3. The world is not enough, hence i ship everywhere & will cover half the costs
4. ALL german, ALL foil
5. Lets haggle

Mirari's Wake JG x2 45$ ea
Gifts Ungiven CK 25$
Engineering Explosives FD 75$
Gilded Lotus x2 MI 25$ ea
Time Stop CK 20$
Darksteel Colossus DS 25$
Cavern of Souls 85$
Solitary Confinement 20$
Pyroclasm EX 7th 25$
Forest ZK Vers 8 Full Art 30$
Thoughtcast x4 EX Playset 60$
Reveillark EX- 35$
Sliver Overlord 25$
Goblin Charbelcher 25$
Time Stretch OD x2 40$ ea
Debtors Knell 30$
Memnarch 30$
Sensei Diving Top CK 125$
Skullclamp DS 20$
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