Need help finishing my Beta AP set...

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Need help finishing my Beta AP set...

Post by AbsolutAlphas » Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:18 am

Hey guys,
I'm approaching the finish line with my Beta artist proof set. Here's what I'm still looking for:

Melissa Benson:
- Nightmare

Dan Frazier:
- Mahamoti Djinn

Quinton Hoover:
- Darkpact

Jesper Myrfors:
- Armageddon
- Bayou
- Camouflage
- Demonic Hordes
- Scrubland
- Tropical Island
- Tundra

Mark Poole:
- Birds of Paradise

Christopher Rush:
- Black Lotus

Douglas Shuler:
- Serra Angel

Brian Snoddy:
- Volcanic Island

Mark Tedin:
- Braingeyser
- Timetwister

Richard Thomas:
- Air Elemental
- Blue Elemental Blast
- Karma
- Power Sink
- Red Elemental Blast
- Wall of Ice

Drew Tucker:
- Plateau

Amy Weber
- Time Walk

Dameon Willich:
- Regrowth

Any help is appreciated.


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