Selling 4x Force of Will foil

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Selling 4x Force of Will foil

Post by axcel » Fri May 16, 2014 6:51 pm

Hello there,

I have a playset of the shiny, new, awesome judge foil Force of Wills and I'm willing to part with them.

As these are quite a new and rare stuff, I don't have a fixed price yet - if you're interested, drop me a line with your offer and I'll respond to you within at most 48h (but I'll do my best to be quicker).

Whatever your offer is, the shipping is on me - and the letter will be fully insured and what-not.

~ Kaja Pekala

PS. For those who don't know me and are need some refs (I would too, it's a huge deal!), I'm a level three judge with over 40 Grands Prix and several Pro Tours under my belt (no, I won't run away with your money - I care about my reputation and I'm easy to track down ;)), and my husband, also a level three judge, is the Regional Coordinator of Europe Mid-East (hey, his name is on the mothership!). We've been successfully selling judge promos via ebay for several years: check out this perfect feedback.

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Post by mmgun » Sun May 18, 2014 9:44 pm

Wow, i never knew "axcel" = kaja

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