Please advise

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Please advise

Post by Mirror_Lich » Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:56 am

Seasons greetings all,

Selling the a large portion of my collection. but dont know if its worth separating the misc memorbelia from the standard cards or not? Ive got promotional items from clothing, banners, and all manner of marketing toys and gimics..., posters, original art, proofs.

As far as rarities: textless thran quarry, misc fillers, prerelease errors including the no date/no symbol LuBu, franky and mox crystal, puzzle pieces, semi-albino, and a stack of miscut, offcentered, misinked, crimped, etc easily over 7 inches tall...

Hoping to find a buyer for everything, but its a substantial collection and demands a similar price.

As far as the standard stuff goes: 98% NM or better!
Full sets Unlimited to time spiral
MTGO sealed sets INV-ODY blocks and misc sets thereafter
Near complete playsets revised thru time spiral (95% or so) (yes, thats 4 more of each set)
Near playset of arabians (thats the 92 card set- yes, 4 juzam 4 bazaar)
Near playset of antiquities (2 workshops)
Tons of legends, prolly another playset of Dark (so thats 9 total sets of Dark possible)

Sealed booster pack collection- from AN till TS (bazaar of baghdad sealed inside AN!!)

Sealed boxes from 4th to present, misc amts. (as well as packs, fat packs and boxed sets ie 3 sealed anthologies, beatdown, etc.)

100% of all fnm/dci/arena/etc promos up to 2006 plus more

singles? 100+ duals, 20 sinkholes (8 beta), 4 beta berserks, extra power, PSA power, playsets of void, abyss, gauntlet, forcefields, 2 tabernacles, blah blah blah

All the ultra pro binders sans masks block. 100s of pages. 1000s of sleeves.

in addition to above, approx 40000 cards to be sorted including around 10000+ rares...

I just dont have the time anymore- if anyone is seriously interested please supply me with contact info. If you know of a store that can possibly offer a buyout, feel free to pass it on.

And, for the record, Ive been here since 94, I have 1000+ feedback on ebay, I know what most of these are worth... I just need help finding them ONE new home- not a hundred.

Thanks for any help!

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Post by stu55 » Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:51 pm

Stores are some times bad, it all depends how fast you need the money too. I sent you a PM about this though

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Post by mwagee » Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:01 pm

one buyer :-(
any chance you could reconsider for some of the misc pieces?

times are a bit rought right now. IMO you would be hard pressed to get a good price for your collection as a whole. If you can wait a year or two for the economy to pick up you would probably get a much better price.

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Post by hammr7 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:06 am

I agree with mwagee. I consider myself a pretty big collector, and in better times I would consider buying at least a major chunk (to upgrade my players sets and promo card collection). But I would be hard pressed to offer a reasonable price for the entire collection, given the effort it would take to move the large amount of cards that would be "extra" to me.

And my guess is that most dealers would throw in low ball bids to guarantee they could get their money back quick regardless of market conditions. Its a shame, since collections like yours are increasingly rare. I wish you luck, and hope you will keep me in mind if you decide to break things up.

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Post by magic-belgium » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:41 pm

I agree. You'd get more if you sold stuff separately...

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Post by Tha_Gunslinga » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:12 am

I can take it.

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Post by Mykeatog » Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:53 pm


We,, are interested. If you would like to discuss with us, Dan Meadors (, would love to exchange e-mails with you about it.

Manager - Products & Strategy
Mike Broughton

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Post by Mirror_Lich » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:27 pm

Apologies for delays, traveling a lot, but should be in for the next two weeks. Have intentions of getting stuff organized, my word document will only show the things I lack to have complete sets. I will take note of the extra 'valuable' cards I have.

Also, off the top of my head I realize I forgot to mention a full and near complete (-2 cards) sets of P3K AND Italian legends (-15 or so), full of P1, P2, full beta common and uncommon set, 99% completed Dark Mirage, Rich Saga, Shiny ice age variants...

Anyways, price is a big issue, and you all know what happens when a number is thrown out on the table. Most will blow me off or say Ive just totaled the 'book value', but hopefully you all will understand a bit more.

Also understand that I am flexible and do not have a time constraint, so that means Im not desparate nor retarded. I realize I can sell these separately- my 'bay feedback should tip you off on that. Im not going to knock 10K off the price just to sell it to you. I am not interested in a consignment either.

My past two collections (of decent size) sold for 3300 and 6100 cash respectively. Buyers picked them up in person. Those cards were my extras... Ive kept the best of the best since 1994, no one will be disappointed with what remains.

PMs will be replied to, but generally speaking, so everyone knows: Ive received one offer of 18K- which I turned down. Im hoping for around 25-30K. That being said, I'm sure I'll end up taking less. Just letting everyone know that even without a definite list, it truly is a serious collection.

Will snap some shots as I sort, both for proof (of ownership and condition) as well as for memories sake... thanks for all the interest.

Happy new year!

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Post by mystical_tutor » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:12 pm

Mirror_Lich wrote:Will snap some shots as I sort, both for proof (of ownership and condition) as well as for memories sake... thanks for all the interest.

Happy new year!
PMing you
Gary Adkison
Father of a former Wizards of the Coast janitor.

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Post by Mirror_Lich » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:48 pm

Well, here's the info on the sets.. remember, one set is guaranteed complete and NM/M, the others are very very close...

I have a word doc showing the approximate number of all cards I lack for a complete playset- pm me with an email address and I can fwd you the document. Also, keep in mind that I have about 80 decks that I am still dissassembling to fill these holes, so it will continue to get smaller. (so for claritys sake: the number you will see beside a card, is the number I need to have a playset... aka a "1" means I own 3)

Finally, all sets are 98% NM or better unless noted.

1 beta C/U full
1 Unlimited +c/u playset
5 revised
5 Arabian Nights
3 Antiquities
1 Legends +c/u playset
9 Dark
8 Fallen Empire
5 4th
5 Chronicles
5 homelands
5 Alliances
5 Mirage
5 Visions
5 Weatherlight
5 5th
5 Tempest
5 Stronghold
5 Exodus
5 6th
6 Urza Saga
5 Urza Legacy
5 Urza Destiny
5 Mercadian Masques
5 Nemesis
5 Prophecy
5 7th
5 Invasion
5 Planeshift
5 Apocalypse
5 Odyssey
5 Torment
5 Judgment
5 Onslaught
5 Legions
5 Scourge
5 8th
5 Mirrodin
5 Darksteel
5 5th dawn
5 Champions of Kamigawa
5 Betrayors of Kamigawa
5 Saviours of Kamigawa
5 9th
5 Ravnica
5 Guildpact
5 Dissension
5 Coldsnap
1 Time Spiral
5 Time Spiral Timeshifted

Misc Sets
1 Portal 1 +c/u playset
1 Portal 2 +c/u playset
1 Portal 3 +c/u playset
1 Portal 3 (-2: yes, the seal and dragon are missing)
1 Starter +c/u playset
5 Unglued
1 Unhinged
1 Italian Legends (-10)
1 Italian Legends (EX/NM missing 2)
1 Shiny Ice Age (-25)
1 Dark Mirage (-6)
1 Dark Urza Saga (-5 +lands)
1 Russian 9th
2 Havic the Bothering
1 of each boxed set opened for display (anthologies, battle royal, beatdown, Deckmasters, etc)
2 Vanguard

Sealed MTGO sets:
2 7th
1 Invasion
1 Planeshift
1 Apocalypse
1 Odyssey
2 Torment
2 Judgment
1 Onslaught
1 Legions
1 Scourge
1 8th
1 Mirrodin
1 Champions of Kamigawa
1 Saviors of Kamigawa
1 Guildpact
3 Time Spiral
1 Planar Chaos

Sealed Booster Pack Collection:
1 pack from Arabians to Time Spiral. The AN has a bazaar of baghdad inside.

Loose packs that Ive found so far (in addition to the collection above):
4 Legends- unsearched (by me at least, have $4.99 stickers on them)
1 Stronghold and 1 Mirrodin Precon
1 each: Urza legacy, prophecy, nemesis, tempest, 5th, 4th, masques
2: 8th, apocalypse
4: urza destiny, darksteel
5: scourge, champions
6: visions
10: exodus
12: onslaught, unhinged
18: saviors
24: Mirrodin
29: Betrayors
34: 5th dawn
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Post by ende73 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:55 pm

If you decide to separate regular MTG cards from misprints / rarities, I'd be interested in the latter, especially miscuts.

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Post by morphilou » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:51 pm

If you decide to separate regular MTG cards from misprints / rarities, I'd be interested in the latter, especially cyanless if you have and perhaps textless

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Post by johnstown713 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:15 pm

You can PM me or get me on aim at johnstown713 or even call me which I can give you my number through PM, but I should be able to take the entire collection above 18k. So if you want to at least talk about it let me know.

Ryan - Johnstown713

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Post by dry cereal » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:59 pm

how exciting :)

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Post by bigbob585 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:28 pm

my local shop gives some of the best collection prices i've seen. he may be able to purchase the entire thing in one fell swoop.

Shoot me a pm or email with what the total value of the collection is and that full list when you have it and i'll forward it to him with your info if you wish.

I'm also interested in a handful of stuff myself. I just don't have the cash flow to purchase a lot of what i'd want.

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