anyone have contact info for Robert Bliss?

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anyone have contact info for Robert Bliss?

Post by wizard1 » Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:07 am

Does anyone know any way to contact Robert Bliss? Ive tried snail mailing to Wizards so that they could forward it to him but I never got a response. Ive looked all over the internet and cant find any type of contact info. Or knows if he ever shows up to large MTG Events? Thanks.

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Post by mintcollector » Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:18 pm

Well I wish you luck in your search, as I often face the same problems with other artists I try and get info on (like the illusive Richard Wright). In this day and age, there are still a surpirsing number of artists not on the web, either with their own site or prominently mentioned.

Well quickly digging around I can at least offer you some new leads you may not have explorered. Doing a quick good search useing "Robert Bliss" and "Magic the Gathering" as search words, I ran across a hit on good old

Robert bliss is posted as getting M:TG card art (sorry for the obvious) and also doing interior art on a RPG Sourcebook for the Everway game called Spherewalker Sourcebook. You will also notice other classic M:TG artists have also worked on that project looking at the full credit listing ... ookid=2009

The publisher of this sourcebook was Rubicon Games Inc and was published back in 1996. Rubicon has since been renamed Gas Light Press and appears to have a website. Maybe you can try hitting them up for info on Bliss.

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