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Mirror Lichs Want List

Post by Mirror_Lich » Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:58 am

Self explanatory want list- NM/M only please. Thanks for any help!

Unlimited: Mox Pearl, Ancestral Recall
IT Legends land equilibrium, mana drain, vaevictis asmadi
Ice Age (glossy printing) adarkar, brushland, karpulsan forest, sulfurous springs, underground river
Mirage (dark printing) island (stormy, sunset)
Saga (dark printing): stroke genius, gaeas cradle, all basic lands EX: exploration

Non-Foil Kev Walker
M11: inferno titan
SOM: cerebral eruption
Foil Kev Walker
7th: wrath of god
M11: inferno titan
SOM: blade tribe berserkers, cerebral eruption

Richard Kane Ferguson ANY proofs or original or signed

Thran Quarry: Spanish, Italian, Korean, S-Chi
Stone Rain: summer, alpha cut 4th; WB Revised: French. 4th: Spanish bb
Hill Giant: alpha cut 4th, 1996 2-player English only 4th: Spanish bb

Xx: Dakkon Blackblade- Black border only, (ENG / IT legends, Jap chronicles) EX-M OK
Xx: Recall- 5th only (Richard Kane Ferguson art- any language, NM/M only)
Xx: Sacrifice- alpha only, EX-NM condition
Puzzle Pieces: Black lotus: #5, 7, 9 Chaos Orb: #7
Life Counters: arena: 5th dawn, Hobby Japan: stone tongue (ody), grotesque hybrid (tor), eternal dragon and gob warchief (scg)
Ultra-Pro Binder Mercadian Masques, Nemesis
Promo topper: Two-headed Dragon (E3), Savannah lions (origins), Avatar of hope (GP)
Sealed Packs: Beta
Sealed Boxed sets Battle Royal, Revised, Rivals US
Sealed MTGO set FUT, M10, WW, RoE, M11, SoM
Gotta: Archangel, Ascendant Evincar, Parrallax Dementia
MPS land: non foil lorwyn (2007) and shards (2008) land sets, foil zen (2009) set

FNM: brainstorm
JSS: glorious anthem, elvish champion (english only)
Judge: demonic tutor, maze of ith, stifle, mire, heath, foothills, strand, delta, survival
Newer: blood knight, mutavault, lightning greaves, browbeat, bloodbraid elf, broodmate dragon, birds of paradise, new ones..

Set Needs: (EX++ - NM/M ONLY)
2 juggernaut, sol ring, celestial prism, glasses of urza, icy, iron star, rod of ruin
2 serra angel, 2 swords to plowshares, 3 cop: red
1 air elemental, clone, 2 counterspell
1 animate dead, 5 dark ritual, 2 demonic tutor, gloom, 2 hypnotic specter, 2 sengir, unholy strength, 3 terror,
flashfires, 4 lightning bolt, 4 stone rain, red elemental blast, 3 fireball,
hurricane, 5 llanowar elves, 2 giant growth

Arabians: 1 ali from cairo
Antiquities: 1 hurkyls recall, 2 mishra factory summer, 1 mishra factory fall
Legends: 2 mana drain
5th: 2 bad moon, 1 adarkar wastes, 1 cop blue, 1 memory lapse, 1 power sink, 2 unsummon, 1 bog imp, 1 kjeldoran dead, 2 atog, 1 conquer, 1 fireball, 2 flashfires, 1 pyroblast, 1 stone spirit, 1 hungry mist, 2 ironroot treefolk, 2 wall of brambles, 2 wild growth, 2 ashnods transmogrant, 2 clay statue, 1 diabolic machine, 3 wall of spears, 1 wooden sphere, 2 urza tower

6th: 1 wrath of god, 1 vampiric tutor, 2 adarkar wastes
7th: 1 wrath of god, 1 elvish piper
Champions: 4 kokusho
Dissension: 3 hallowed fountain
9th: 2 elvish champion, 1 elvish piper, 2 seedborn muse, 3 shivan reef
Time Spiral: 2 academy ruins, 3 ancestral vision, 2 bogardan hellkite, 2 serra avenger, 1 vesuvan shapeshifter
Portal 1: 2 bull hippo A (no line), 1 cloud pirate (description)
Portal 3: 1 loyal retainers
Unhinged: 1 assquatch, 1 ukatbi kong

Alpha: swamp, basalt monolith, black vise, celestial prism, conservator, copper tablet, glasses of urza, juggernaut, living wall, obsianus golem, sol ring, soul net, throne of bone, wooden sphere, karma, serra angel, swords to plowshares, white knight, air elemental, clone, control magic, counterspell, feedback, bog wraith, cursed land, deathgrip, demonic tutor, evil presence, hypnotic spectre, simulacrum, wall of bone, burrowing, dragon whelp, dwarven demo team, earth elemental, orcish artillery, orcish oriflamme, channel, instill energy, regrowth, wall of brambles, nettling imp,

Beta: most duals, ankh of mishra, black lotus, disrupting scepter, dingus egg, forcefield, howling mine, illusionary mask, jayemadae tomb, mox jet, mox pearl, mox sapphire, mox ruby, nevinyrrals disk, time vault, winter orb, balance, savannah lions, wrath of god, ancestral recall, braingeyser, lord of atlantis, mahamotti djinn, time walk, vesuvan doppleganger, bad moon, lich, nether shadow, nightmare, royal assassin, will of the wisp, shivan dragon, wheel of fortune, cockatrice, elvish archers, bayou, mind twist, lord of the pit, earthquake, granite gargoyle
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Post by mystical_tutor » Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:18 pm

Will be sending PM. I do have a couple things......


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Post by Mirror_Lich » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:33 am

Appreciate all the help thus far, gotten a couple hundred cards marked off, about 350 or so to go I'd guess. Always open to offers, please lmk if you have something for sale or need something in particular (unless you collect dragons, then dont).

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Post by Mirror_Lich » Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:13 pm

About 175 cards to go!! Please lmk if you can help!

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Post by OGB » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:23 am

I have a Book Jace promo, as well as a Foil Xth Graveborn Muse and Kamahl (I think). I will double check when I get home, I should have a few of the smaller cards on here too (Uktabi Kong, Kazuul Warlord, etc).


Edit: Also, did you mean Adventurer's Guildhouse from Legends (you have Adventurer's Guildmage). I should have one of those, too, but I'd have to check on condition.

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Post by Mirror_Lich » Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:16 am

Updated, appreciate all the help.

@OGB: yes, you were correct, but I already got one... lmk about those foils though- thanks!

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Post by Super_Morphling » Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:27 am

Hi, do you happen to have any Alpha Volcanic Eruption?
Thank you

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