What do you think about all the cards of late?

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How is the increase in Magic card types and numbers affecting you?

Poll ended at Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:21 pm

It is not. I don't collect or my collection is where I want it.
Very little. I'm going to "catch them all"
So so. I only collect what I take a fancy to and I'm OK with that.
It is starting to pinch. Closet is starting to full up, wife is looking at the check book....uneasy.
I am starting to feel overwhelmed. Don't think I can reach the goal I set.
I give up. Anyone want to buy some Magic cards?
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This is a great topic

Post by anselan » Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:27 pm

The collecting bug is not *too* out of control for me. For the most part I can limit myself to trying to collect an English language playset, and if I can pick up the occasional promo card, that's great.

Mythics aka R1 cards are annoying but I can live with them.

However, I do find the inserts troublesome. I dislike the way that indistinguishable items appear in different sets. Also that the English UK and English US editions can be different. Grrr.

I am grateful that we have this little forum to hang on and share our affliction. Thank you to all posters

All the best,

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